About Us

We are a Social Media Marketing firm passionate about building your business. Learn how we work, who we work with, and where you’ll fit in.


Daniel Cox

Daniel oversees all of Clout Local. His expertise lay in finding the strategic advantages your business has and conveying the RIGHT message to your audience.

Matthew Humpherys

Matt is all about communicating your brands message clearly. He is passionate about bringing authenticty and personality out online. He is creative, spunky, and your biggest hype man!

Admin Team

Sydney Kenney

Sydney loves creating connections! Her favorite part of the job is collaborating with a client to emphasize their brands image through content and strategy development.

Celeste Rodriguez

Celeste has a knack for understanding audiences. She oversees brand strategy, marketing campaigns, and keeps you relevant. Her approach helps you reach you set and reach goals in your business!

Brooklyn Braegger

Brooklyn is passionate about keeping your account organized, up-to-date, and maintaining consistency. She excels in client relationships, interactions, and visual media.

Kiana Barker

Kiana is innovative, detail-oriented, and excellent at communication! She will help you build your brand while also keeping your individual business goals in mind.

Creative Team

Keiyana Osmond


Celine Sallings


Companies We Create For

Our story

Our story starts with a need found as we spoke to a diverse group of businesses. Each company wanted to both grow their clientele and to continue to strengthen their relationship with their current customers. The general theme that emerged was companies didn’t understand the role social media plays or lacked the time and skills to effectively manage their accounts. Clout Marketing was developed to solve these issues for small to medium size businesses. We strive to enhance the quality of online interactions and to grow your company’s influence in your market. Our tried and tested systems will translate your business’s vision to social media to ultimately grow your business and thrive online.

Clout Marketing has been carefully developed with your business in mind. We seek to give your brand consistency and a platform to connect you to your community. Our teams are built from the community you are trying to reach and are hand-picked for their expertise in specific fields. As we are apart of your demographic, we know how to effectively reach and convert your customers. Our teams stay on the cutting edge of trends and are constantly creating better ways to reach your demographic. Our businesses are important to us and we strive to create the same influence and integrity they have in their community in the online world.